Umbrella test UPF and UVA index

Umbrella test UPF and UVA index

Umbrella Test: On the label of the umbrella, there are two important indexes. One is UPF (UV protection factor value) and the other is UVA (long-wave UV transmittance). According to the National Standard for National Umbrella, the UPF value must be greater than 40, while the UVA should be less than 5%. The smaller the UVA index, the better the UV protection effect. “The two values must be marked on the label of the umbrella. It is indispensable. If there is no umbrella marked or marked with an index that is not up to standard, it cannot be sold as an umbrella.

Umbrella Test: During the inspection, the consumer volunteers found that some brands had false labels. For example, it is clear that there is no UV protection function, but it is marked with the words “hot silver sunscreen” and “black di sunscreen”. In addition, the Chinese label must be on the umbrella label, and the label without the Chinese label is also unqualified.

Umbrella Test: When consumers choose a sunny umbrella, they must first look at the label, and whether the two values of UPF and UVA are marked at the same time, and whether the value conforms to the national regulations. Then choose the umbrella of black, navy, dark green light blue, light pink, light yellow and so on. Finally, open the umbrella and see if the umbrella is full. Don’t put it in a “basin dish” or “deep bowl shape”. Whether the rib is rusty or not, whether it is flexible or not.

umbrella test

Single Golf Umbrella

Even If You Catch In A Strong Wind Or Heavy Rain Accidentally In Your Journey, Single Golf Umbrella Will Always Protect You From Any Severe Environment.

Vented Golf Umbrella

Vented Golf Umbrella, Vortec Venting System Prevents The Umbrella From Inverting During High Winds, Protection From Sun, Rain, Hail, Snow, And Slee

Double Golf Umbrella

Double Golf Umbrella Made Of Pongee Cloth, Durable Black Electric Ribs And Double Layer Ribs Make The Umbrella More Sturdy, Enhance Its Windproof Effect.

Upside Down Umbrella

Different From Other Umbrella, Upside Down Umbrella Utilize A Smart Drip-free Inward Folding Design. That Faces Outwards Once You Fold Them.

Three Fold Umbrella

Duty Frame Holds Shape In High Winds And Torrential Rains. Three Fold umbrella Are Perfect For Sporting Events As Well As Your Everyday City Commute!

Mini Five Fold Umbrella

Mini Size And Ultra Light,The Mini Five Fold Umbrella Is Quite Convenient To Tote Around You Anytime Anywhere And As A Perfectly Ideal Gift To Your Family.

Stroller Umbrella

Baby Stroller Umbrella Is Clip-On Umbrella Stand Holder 360 Degrees Adjustable Sun Canopy Parasol For Pram Cycling Bicycle Wheelchair Push Chair buggy.

Beach Umbrella

The Beach Umbrella Work Throughout The Day As The Sun's Position Changes, The Flip Down Handles And Attached Sand Screw Has Worked Well.

Garden Umbrella

For Round Square or Rectangle Table With 6 To 8 Chairs.The Garden Umbrella Choice To Shade A Hot Tub, Jacuzzi Or Corner Of The Swimming Pool.

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