what is a golf umbrella

Single-layer golf umbrella

74 inch oversized golf umbrella

74 inch oversized golf umbrella

Double-layer golf umbrella

What is a golf umbrella?

As the name suggests, Golf Umbrellas were originally manufactured for golfers. These are large sized umbrellas used to protect the golfer as well as his golf kit. However, these are used in the present times by non golfers as well primarily because of their size. It can cover much more during heavy rains and provide maximum protection. Normally, Golf Umbrellas are available in sizes 50-68 inches, but sometimes they are available up to oversized  74 inches in measurement. Golf umbrellas are lightning resistant and are light in weight since they are made of fiberglass.

5 factors to consider golf umbrella

Size of the umbrella – This is one of the most important factors to ponder before taking the final decision. It is always recommended to buy large sized golf umbrella which offer maximum protection to the users. The best thing is that they also protect your golf kit from rains.

Withstand wind easily – When you are buying a umbrella, you must make sure that it stands strong against winds. Most of the latest umbrellas are made in double canopy designs which protect them from turning inside out.

Design of the umbrellas – Currently, golf umbrellas are available in different designs and colors. Some of the umbrellas also have stripes on them. Select an umbrella which suits the game and your personality, which allows the others to identify you from long distance.

Flexible material – Make sure that umbrella is made from fiberglass material which offers more flexibility during rains. Avoid buying an umbrella which has a steel handle, as it can be dangerous at the time of lightening.

Long plastic stake – Get an umbrella with a long stake, as it will allow you to put the end into the grass easily. This feature will protect your umbrella during a wind gust.

Consider all the above mentioned points and add an appropriate umbrella to your golf kit.

Choosing the Right Golf Umbrella

The history and origin of golf dates back to the fourteenth century. Golf was then played using a large stick and a ball. Gradually, the game of golf became more organized. With clubs and associations being formed, stylish accessories being used, golf became popular as a game of style and luxury.

Golf courses have been built in every place all over the world. Golf is largely an outdoor game. The players are exposed to the sun, rain and wind. Therefore, it is essential to used protective gear like golf umbrellas. These golf umbrellas are very useful and offer relief and shade to the golfers.

Standard umbrellas are good enough to protect us from sun and rain. The golf umbrellas are also used for similar purposes. However, the golf versions are much larger than the regular ones. This is because the golf umbrellas are used to protect both the cart and the player. They also can be used as regular umbrellas as they offer a better shade against the rain.

When choosing an umbrella, one which measure around 152 centimeters and more, can be a good choice. They can also be as large as 175 centimeters. These umbrellas usually have a straight handle. This ensures that they easily fit among the clubs in the golf bag.

Umbrellas are made of fiberglass shaft material and also use spreaders that hold the canopy open. This makes them weigh less and more resistant even against the hazard of lightening. Recently, ergonomic umbrellas have gained popularity in the golf market. This allows the hand to be in a natural position while holding it. These are also light in weight, which can help prevent fatigue.

Finally, the best umbrellas are those which can withstand strong wind. The golf umbrellas with a dual canopy tend to hold up better in high winds. It protects from the wind and water with two layers. This kind of umbrellas can easily cover the golfer and his accessories. Umbrellas are an essential accessory for any golfer. It protects him from a sudden rain or the harsh sun. If carefully chosen and handled with care, your umbrella can last a very long time.

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