Why Promotional Golf Umbrellas Are The Perfect Gift

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Why Promotional Golf Umbrellas Are The Perfect Gift?

One of the most innovative and effective promotional gifts that a company can distribute amongst customers would have to be the golf umbrella. There are a number of reasons for this assertion: firstly, golf umbrellas are big in size! There is great potential here to get your company logo printed all over the umbrella, in big, bold print, on every surface side. This is a fantastic marketing ploy as your logo will be shown from every viewpoint.

Nobody stays static with an umbrella; they are used to travel through rainstorms. Thus your promotional umbrella turns into a walking advert for your company.

I would hate to be a typical Brit, but it is ALWAYS raining in England!! Therefore, your umbrella is going to be used all through the year, on a quite regular basis. If your company, like most commercial corporations, make the bulk of their profit around the Christmas season; you’d better pray for a lot of rain in November and December. Bad weather will really promote your company to the maximum effect.

Distributing umbrellas is not just a self-serving act on behalf of the company; it can also be viewed as customer-centric. Imagine the scene: it was sunny when you left work in the morning, but by the home time a storm had started to brew and it looked miserable outside. You don’t want to get wet on that long commute home from work. “Ah hah!” There are plenty of promotional umbrellas in the corner from that very helpful company that sent a bundle to us the other month!

Promotional golf umbrellas are also quite manly. You don’t get many men that will actually go out to a shop and actively purchase an umbrella. It just doesn’t happen! However, free promotional umbrellas will be welcomed with open arms by the male who refuses to spend money on a commercial umbrella!

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