3 Things That Should Really Matter In A Golf Umbrella

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3 Things That Should Really Matter In A Golf Umbrella

Golf umbrellas are generally designed large and can accommodate more than two people. If you are a business, you will find logo printed golf umbrellas very suitable for your marketing campaign as they come in very handy on the courses. The umbrellas can be used by golfing fans or the golfers themselves. Whatever your golf umbrella needs are, there are a few things that should really matter when you are out looking for the best umbrella.

1. Canopy Shape

It is a very important element because it can determine how reliable the golf umbrella is when it comes to resisting weather conditions like winds and storms. Most umbrellas are round and square shaped but some of the best are vented and might even come with double canopy to give them that extra edge they need in resisting the weather conditions. Look out for canopy features that are designed with the intention of keeping your golf umbrella resistant to the common windy conditions on the course. You really do not want to get an umbrella that inverts with the slightest provocation and probably even gets damaged by the strong winds and storms. Different brands have different features for the canopy to keep them strong so find the most suitable for the expected golfing conditions.

2. Canopy material

It should also be strong enough to withstand the raging winds without getting ripped off. Nylon and polyester are some of the best you can get because they have what it takes to stay firm for a long time even when exposed to the extreme windy conditions. They also perform quite well under the hot sun and will not easily fade away. When checking what material your canopy is made of, you should also pay attention to the fabric used for internal lining. A lining that offers some sort of UV protection will definitely prove worthwhile when you are out looking for the best golf umbrella. Think strength, durability and protection when looking at the canopy materials.

3. Ribs and poles

The highest probability is you will get a golf umbrella holder that you can easily attach to your golf cart or trolley so you have an easy time enjoying the protection without having to hold the umbrella up. This makes it very important to check out the poles and ribs or the frame of your umbrella. A frame that has some sort of windproof system can prove to be most valuable for the golfing settings. Steel and fiberglass are some of the sturdiest and durable materials you can find but you of course have other options you can choose from. Think of the opening and closing technology as well, so you do no end up struggling with your frame. The umbrella handle may be made from a different material altogether with the most common being wood and plastic but ensure that what you get suits the usage and works well with the type of umbrella holder you settle for.

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