Promotional Printed Golf Umbrellas

Promotional Printed Golf Umbrellas

With so many avid golfers out there, it’s no wonder that golf umbrellas are a huge hit as giveaways. They are used as tools at conferences and trade shows, or as gifts for businesses or customers. You can get golf umbrellas printed with your company logo and colors. Golf is also a common sport in the business world, with many companies organizing golfing for executives and clients. Many a deal has been made on the golf course! Apart from work, many people enjoy golfing on the weekends, so giving away promotional golf umbrellas can be very profitable for your business.

A promotional golf umbrella is usually around 60 inches, so it keeps out sun or rain on the golf course very well. You can choose from a number of different colors, designs and handle types. Some golf umbrellas have a long wooden handle or a thin metal one, while others feature a shorter plastic handle.

One of the main benefits of a golf umbrella over any other type of product is that it is used out in public. The company logo is displayed on the golf course for everyone to see each time the golfer opens them. It’s instant advertising for your company!

Since the golf umbrella is used outdoors, mostly in the hot sun, many companies choose bright colors and logos. Yellow, red and orange are all popular colors for promotional umbrellas. However, black or white golf umbrellas can also be effective, but need to have some sort of colorful design to stand out on the golf course. Nobody will notice text on a blue or black umbrella unless it is very bright or has an attractive design that draws the eye to the logo.

They are, of course, made for the golf course, but they often double as beach or patio umbrellas. This increases their visibility even more – think about a bright golf umbrella on a crowded beach. You would probably pay attention to the logo and design, especially if it was made up of bold colors.

The cost of a promotional golf umbrella starts at around $6 for each one, but the cost of individual umbrellas is reduced with bulk orders. Delivery can be anywhere from two days to two weeks, although rush deliveries are available if you need your promotional golf umbrellas right away.

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