Golf Umbrellas – Do You Have One?

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Golf Umbrellas - Do You Have One?

Most golfers are fanatical when it comes to having the latest gadgets in their bag. But the weird thing is, many golfers, perhaps more than half, do not carry the one thing that can actually save a round of golf. I am talking about a golf umbrella.

Golf umbrellas should be a requirement in or on every golf bag. If you are a golfer I can guarantee you have been out on the course and been stuck in a rain storm at least once and probably more than that in your golfing career. At that time you found yourself wishing you had a golf umbrella, and making a mental note to drop hints to loved ones about how much you needed one and what a great gift it would be. But, then life goes on and you forget. But then you get caught in the rain again and the cycle starts all over again!

One neat thing about golf umbrellas is they have more uses than just keeping you and your bag dry. Promotional umbrellas are a great idea at golf tournaments. You can use them as giveaways and while you come off as a great guy, you are getting a ton of free advertising. After the tournament is over and all the people have gone on with their lives, every time it rains and they pull out your giveaway, you get your company name shown off through the raindrops.

Have a favorite sports team? Use your umbrella as an opportunity to show off that team’s colors. Even if it does not rain on the course this weekend, pull out your team umbrella and get your golfing buddies all riled up if they do not share your favorite team.

An umbrella is a simple thing, but for whatever reason, it often gets overlooked. Do yourself a favor and take some time and find the right golf umbrella for you. Put it in your bag, and next time it rains on you while playing golf, I guarantee you will be glad you did!

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