Why You Need Good Golf Umbrellas

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Why You Need Good Golf Umbrellas

Golf Umbrellas are an essential item to have for those who love the sport, and even for those who just want a great umbrella. When out on the course, owning one of these will prove to be more wind and dust resistant. The benefits of having quality items will pay off many times over in the future, so shop for an umbrella that will provide protection, style, and value.

There are several key things to keep in mind when shopping for Golf Umbrellas. Once you have decided what size and style you want, you can streamline your shopping experience.


Size matters when shopping for an umbrella. While there are smaller variations, it is advisable to get the larger size for maximum protection. You don’t want to get caught on the course with a bag full of golf clubs, and then encounter a rainstorm. A larger umbrella will protect you and your equipment.


When looking for golf umbrellas, make sure to read up on the wind resistance of the desired umbrella. When in the open with no shelter close by, the last thing you want to fight is an umbrella that has turned itself inside out. Double canopy designs or other forms of air slots will keep the umbrella from turning inside out when that sudden wind grabs it.


The shaft material will be important. Try to find a fiberglass shaft so that it will allow for some flexing during a storm. In addition, you don’t want a steel handle in the event of lightening.


Essential to every game is being able to express your personality. Since you will hopefully be spending a lot of time on your golf game, find golf umbrellas that are visually appealing. Sports logos, bright colors, stripes or other designs all lend themselves to making your umbrella a personal statement. Get an umbrella that would be just as great of the course. This will also make it easy to identify when other golfers have their umbrellas out.


Having a long plastic stake at the end is unique to a golf umbrella as opposed to regular street umbrellas. This is used for sticking the end in the turn when hitting a shot. This will prevent it from getting away from you in case a wind gust blows up.

The shape of the handle is also an important feature. An ergonomic handle will make the umbrella more comfortable when gripping, whether for carrying open or closed. Pay attention that the handle is the style that you like.

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