How Much Does it Cost to Make One Umbrella?

For the material cost of an umbrella, we do not charge any fees, but if you need to customize the logo or design on umbrella, the price is mostly USD16$~USD 96$.

1. For screen printing, the setup cost of screen printing is USD16 per color. The larger the logo, the higher the setup cost.

2. For digital printing, the price is USD16$~USD50$, and the price is based on the printing of the umbrella. The printing design simpler the cheaper.

custom golf umbrellas

custom logo umbrellas

Print on Demand Umbrellas with customer design

print on demand umbrellas

custom name umbrella

custom name umbrella

custom digital umbrella

custom digital umbrella

How long does it take to make an umbrella?

The production time of an umbrella is usually 3~5 days, if the material or shape of the umbrella is special, it takes 6~10 days.

Which material is best for Umbrella?

The carbon fiber frame and 500T Pongee fabric are the best materials for umbrellas.

500T Pongee fabric is currently the most expensive and highest density. The higher the density, the better the waterproof performance. And the lightest weight.

Carbon fiber is a new type of material that has grown with the development of military industry. It is a high-tech product with high specific strength, high specific modulus, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, creep resistance, electrical conductivity, heat transfer and thermal expansion coefficient. It can be used as a structural material to carry loads, and it can also be used as a functional material. Therefore, it has developed rapidly in recent years and has been widely used in many fields such as aviation, aerospace, automotive, environmental engineering, chemical industry, energy, transportation, construction, electronics, sports equipment, etc.

custom carbon fiber umbrella

custom carbon fiber umbrella

custom premium umbrella

custom premium umbrella

How do you make an umbrella?

1. Assemble the umbrella stand according to customer requirements, and accessories of different materials can be freely combined.

2. Printed umbrella fabrics according to customer‘s design

3. Cut and sew the umbrella fabric, and then install the umbrella cloth on the umbrella frame.

Custom Golf Umbrellas No Minimum

custom golf umbrellas no minimum

custom inverted umbrella

custom inverted umbrellas no minimum

custom telescopic umbrellas

custom telescopic umbrellas no minimum

Custom Wood Umbrellas

custom wood umbrellas no minimum

Custom Design Umbrella

Custom Design or Logo on Umbrella Canopy

Custom Logo on Umbrella Handle

Custom Logo on Umbrella Handle

tie wrap umbrella

Custom Logo on Umbrella Tie Wrap

promotional umbrellas no minimum order

Custom Design with Logo on Umbrella Sleeve

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