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Digital printing has transformed the printing industry in more ways than one but one of the more substantial contributions has been the development of print on demand. Allowing the capability for businesses to print what they need when they need it has not only changed how companies put together their printing strategies, but also how they execute their entire marketing campaigns. One of the most important aspects of print is its ability to communicate and market to customers and potential customers in a tangible way. Print-on-demand uses digital printing to allow for this communication to be personalized through variable data printing and current making it extremely effective.

In order for a message to be effective, it needs to be relevant which often times is hard to do in a fast-paced environment. By using print on demand, businesses are able to take advantage of everything that digital printing offers including affordable smaller runs, personalization through variable data printing, and quicker turnaround times. Print on demand allows for the flexibility and adaptability through digital printing and variable data printing that is necessary for success in today’s competitive market.

Print on demand has allowed companies to free up capital that would have otherwise been unavailable with the use of offset printing. Companies have taken advantage of this opportunity in many ways, including developing common practices that test marketing materials and campaigns in order to find what is most effective when it comes to reaching a target market.

Print on demand has also given businesses new opportunities to reduce waste. Only having to print what is actually needed takes away from having to guess how much a business might actually need. Not only is a company able to be more socially responsible for the environmental aspects, but they are also saving money. Money is not spent on wasted material or even materials that will be outdated or rarely used. This eliminates various costs not only associated with printing, but also with storing inventory.

Print on demand is most practical for materials that are always changing, never needed in mass quantities, are time-sensitive, and that are directed at a specific target market. Common materials that businesses will use print on demand for are:

Marketing materials
Direct mail
Business cards
Manuals and training materials
Point of purchase displays

Print-on-demand uses digital printing that can help businesses save money, reduce waste and allows businesses to be more successful in targeting markets through better marketing campaigns.

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