How to custom logo umbrellas?

What is a logo umbrella?

Logo umbrellas is to add your own brand logo to umbrellas. Whether it is a retail umbrella or a promotional umbrella, you should custom your own logo on the umbrella to show the company's brand.

How to Customize the Logo on the Umbrella?

The main ways of Umbrella Custom Logo are Silk Screen Printing, Digital Printing, Sublimation Printing, Engraving, Sticker Epoxy, Laser, Spray Paint, Develop new Mold, Embroidery.

custom screen printing umbrellas
1.Silk Screen Printing

Silk Screen Printing Logo is the most common. Most umbrellas use Silk Screen Printing Logo, because Silk Screen Printing is relatively cheap and does not change color.

Custom Different Logo Umbrella
2. Digital Printing

Digital Printing can customize print any fabric color, design, pattern, logo, picture... And there is no minimum order quantity requirement. But after printing, we need to wash and fix the color to prevent color moving.

custom printed telescopic umbrella with Logo
3. Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing and digital printing have similar effects, the only difference is MOQ. Because sublimation printing needs to open a printing plate before printing.

custom engraved umbrella
4. Engraving

Engraving Logo Umbrella can only use wooden handles. After engraving, fuel can be added to the groove to make the logo more conspicuous.

Custom Sticker Epoxy Umbrella
5. Sticker Epoxy

Custom Printed Design or Logo on Sticker, Sticker affixed to Umbrella Handle Bottom, Epoxy Drop on the Sticker to Protect the Sticker.

Custom Laser Umbrella
6. Laser

Laser branded Logo on metal handle umbrella. The color of the laser logo cannot be customized. We can only customize the size of the laser logo.

spray paint logo umbrella
7. Spray Paint

Any color logo, we can Spray Paint on Umbrella. Spray Paint Logo on Umbrella Handle.Our MOQ is 300 pcs, But Many Other Supplier MOQ is 500pcs.

Personalized handle umbrella
8. Develop new Mold

We can design a handle according to your logo, with your logo shape on the handle. This logo umbrella handle is unique.

Umbrella Custom Logo Position

Umbrella Custom Logo Position: Umbrella Canopy, End top, Tie Wrap, Ribs, Sleeve(Pouch), Packaging Box(Case), Shaft(Pole), Handle Button, Handle Surface, Handle Bottom.

Umbrella Custom Logo Position

What types of logo umbrellas are there?

We hava many umbrellas for custom logo, like: Golf Umbrella, Compact Umbrella, Wood Umbrella, Inverted Umbrella, Clear Umbrella, Mini Umbrella, Beach Umbrella, Patio Umbrella, Special Umbrella,.. And More.

custom logo golf umbrellas
1. Logo Golf Umbrella

Golf Umbrella is the most practical umbrella. Because the ribs cannot be folded, the life of the ribs will not be affected when the umbrella is opened and closed.

umbrellas with company logo
2. Logo Compact Umbrella

Compact Umbrella is loved by many people because it is easy to carry. And the transportation cost is low, retailers like to sell. Compact Umbrella handles have a lot of choices.

Custom Wood Umbrellas
3. Logo Wood Umbrella

Many people who love nature like wooden umbrellas, which are the closest to nature. For wooden umbrellas, our MOQ very low that 1pcs wood umbrella can be produced.

custom reverse folding umbrellas
4. Logo Inverted Umbrella

There are two main types of Inverted Umbrella, one is Golf Inverted Umbrella and the other is Compact Inverted Umbrella. Inverted Umbrella can prevent water from flowing out.

Custom Clear Umbrellas
5. Logo Clear Umbrella

The transparent clear umbrella will not block your view, and the canopy of the transparent umbrella mainly has two shapes, one is the ordinary canopy shape and the other is the bubble dome shape.

custom Pocket Umbrella
6. Logo Mini Umbrella

Mini Umbrella is small in size and light in weight. We can put the mini umbrella in our pocket without even holding the bag. Mini Umbrella is mainly available in aluminum or steel.

7. Logo Beach Umbrella

If you want to stay on the beach for a long time, how can you do without a beach umbrella. The beach umbrella no need a base, just insert the umbrella pole directly into the beach. And the canopy of the beach umbrella can adjust the angle.

8. Logo Patio Umbrella

Patio Umbrella is a big umbrella, we don't need to move it often, just put it in our back garden, swimming pool or front yard. But now the hotel's patio umbrella base has wheels for easy cleaning.

How to Make High-end Logo Umbrella?

High-end Logo Umbrella generally uses high quality material frame, high quality material fabric, personalized handle or Luxury Packaging

custom carbon fiber umbrella
1. Use High-quality frame

Many items now use carbon fiber material, which is light in weight and strong in quality. High-end umbrellas also use carbon fiber material.

Custom High Density Fabric Umbrella
2. Use high density fabric

High-Density Fabric Options: 210T Pongee, 260T Pongee, 300T Pongee, 500T Pongee. Due to the high prices of 300T Pongee and 500T Pongee, many customers choose 210T Pongee and 260T Pongee umbrella fabric.

custom animal handle umbrella
3. Use Personalized Handle

Personalized Handle accepts customized shapes and colors, and materials. General umbrella handle uses plastic, we can use brass. The brass surface can be electroplated in color, and there is no problem with custom shapes.

custom luxury umbrellas with Branded Logo
4. Use Luxury Packaging

Luxury Packaging includes Sleeve, Leather Case, Carton Box, Luxury Sleeve will use sponge inside. The leather Case can be stamped with a logo, the Carton box can be customized Color and logo

1. Show who owns the umbrella

If the umbrella does not have a logo, who knows which company the umbrella belongs to. And we can’t know more information from the umbrella. If the umbrella custom your branded logo, when we see logo, we will think of your company and know more information about it.

2. Low Cost

The cost of printing a monochromatic logo is only USD0.03$, USD0.03$ is a very low price. Anyone can customize the logo umbrella without worrying about not having enough money.

3.Promoting your organization

3.Promoting your organization is essential and many businesses have had terrific results giving business gifts to their clients and employees. Not only do you enhance customer loyalty, but this can be a great way that you can market your company’s name as well. This is definitely one trend you’ll want to consider using for your organization. One of many popular promotional gifts today is actually logo umbrellas. They are cost effective plus a wonderful advertising and marketing choice.

4.Protection From the Rain and Sun

Everyone needs protection from rain and sun. This is the basic function of an umbrella. On rainy days, we walk outdoors. If we are not protected by an umbrella, rainwater will pour on us. If we do not dry in time, we will easily catch a cold. When the strong sunlight shines on our body, without the protection of an umbrella, our skin will be burned by the sun. When going out, an umbrella is an essential item for us.

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