How to Improve the Quality of Custom Umbrellas?

custom digital umbrella

Custom Digital Umbrella

custom golf umbrellas

custom golf umbrellas no minimum

Custom Silver Umbrella

custom telescopic umbrellas no minimum

design your own umbrella

Design Your Own Umbrella

Custom Umbrella with Design Inside

Custom Umbrella with Design Inside

Custom Wood Umbrellas

custom wood umbrellas no minimum

Custom Design Umbrella

Custom Design or Logo on Umbrella Canopy

Custom Logo on Umbrella Handle

Custom Logo on Umbrella Handle

tie wrap umbrella

Custom Logo on Umbrella Tie Wrap

promotional umbrellas no minimum order

Custom Design with Logo on Umbrella Sleeve

1. Use Better Quality Umbrella Frame

Shenzhen has the best materials in all cities in China. There are many customized umbrella factories beside our company. We will communicate and update our umbrella frame at any time.

2. Use Better Umbrella Fabric

170T Pongee fabric is a poor fabric. Our factory no longer produces such a bad fabric. The price of 190T Pongee Fabric is cheap, and many promotional customers choose it. Among 210T Pongee, 260T Pongee, 300T Pongee, and 500T Pongee fabrics, 500T Pongee Fabric is currently the best umbrella fabric. But the price of 500T Pongee fabric is very expensive, so many customers choose 210T Pongee fabric.

3. According to Pantone color number custom design, logo, and fabric color.

Before production, customers need to provide umbrella fabric Pantone colour number, logo Pantone colour number, design colour Pantone number. (If there is no Pantone colour number, we will produce it according to the colour displayed by the computer.)

4. Cut umbrella fabric one layer by one layer

Our company cuts umbrella fabric layer by layer, but many companies cut 3~3 layers of fabric at a time in order to save time. If the pattern of the umbrella needs to be spliced, there will definitely be a lot of misalignment.

5. Use anti-skid top

Anti-skid top is an upgraded version of plastic top. Although the price is a little bit more expensive, more and more customers choose.

6. Use the best Velcro

All our umbrellas use Grade B Velcro. Although Grade A Velcro is cheap, we never save money on Velcro.

7. Use suitable tips

Use metal tips for umbrellas below 54 inches, and use plastic tips for umbrellas above 54 inches. Both materials for 54inch umbrellas can be used. Because the holes of the metal tips are relatively small, the holes of the plastic tips are relatively large.

8. Use suitable handle

The larger the contact surface of the handle, the better, the larger the contact area, the larger the force-bearing area, and the easier it is to pick up.

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