Knowledge of Umbrella

Custom Golf Umbrellas No Minimum

custom golf umbrellas no minimum

custom inverted umbrella

custom inverted umbrellas no minimum

custom telescopic umbrellas

custom telescopic umbrellas no minimum

Custom Wood Umbrellas

custom wood umbrellas no minimum

Custom Design Umbrella

Custom Design or Logo on Umbrella Canopy

Custom Logo on Umbrella Handle

Custom Logo on Umbrella Handle

tie wrap umbrella

Custom Logo on Umbrella Tie Wrap

promotional umbrellas no minimum order

Custom Design with Logo on Umbrella Sleeve

2. Gift umbrellas (including advertising umbrellas, brand umbrellas), straight, two-fold, three-fold, and five-fold

3. Children's umbrellas: baby umbrellas (for use with prams), small children umbrellas, children's umbrellas

4. Special umbrellas: umbrellas with LED functions (such as fan umbrellas, light-emitting umbrellas, etc.), fashion (the umbrella surface is decorated), strangely shaped or irregular umbrellas

5. Outdoor sun umbrella

The name of the basic structure umbrella accessories

Handle, umbrella bundle, umbrella tips, shaft(pole), long ribs, short ribs, umbrella fungus flower, umbrella strap, velcro, joint, tie line, safety cap, upper nest, lower nest, middle nest (automatic umbrella use), upper bow and lower bow (manual open umbrella use), stop nail (manual open umbrella used to block the lower nest), soft file (2~3cm from the upper nest), umbrella ceiling, umbrella top force, umbrella tail

Basic functions of umbrellas (excluding children umbrellas)

1. Automatic open and manual open (manual opening is divided into safe and unsafe)

2. Windproof and not windproof (Windproof is divided into A. plus pull wire for windproof. B. middle rod head plus spring for windproof. C.single and double-layer ventilated umbrella (single layer is ventilated by ribs-spring is added between upper and lower nests, double-layer windproof-double-layer umbrella fabric ventilates))

1. Umbrella frame size

Most umbrella frames are between 32 inch and 120 inch

2. Ribs size

The size of Ribs is generally 2.0mm~5.0mm, and the golf umbrella generally use 5.0mm.

3. Shaft(pole) size

The size of shaft(pole) is generally 10.0mm~16.0mm, and the regular size is 14.0mm.

4. Umbrella fabric width

The width of nylon, Pongee, and polyester is 66 inches, and the width of TC and special fabrics is 48 inches

1. Umbrella Fabric material: nylon, oxford, polyester, pongee, TC, PVC, POE, Eco-friendly fabric, special fabric,...and more

2. Umbrella Shaft(pole) material: iron, aluminum, fiber, acrylic, carbon fiber (the most expensive),... and more.

3. Umbrella handle material: rubber, plastic, wood, bamboo, aluminum, iron, acrylic, leather,... and more. (Note: Almost all fabrics can be used as umbrella fabric after processing)

A. Conventional classification of nylon, polyester and pongee fabric: 170T, 190T, 210T, 300T.

B. Classification of Pongee fabric: 190T has a rough hand feel, and 210T is more delicate.

C. TC fabric classification: 3565, 3070, 4060, The meaning of the number represents: the first half is the percentage of cotton, and the second half is the percentage of polyester. For example, 3565 is 35% cotton, 65% polyester, 3565 is the most commonly used material (commonly known as 11076 or 190T), and 4060 is mostly Japanese customers use.

D. PVC: the price is calculated based on the thickness and whether it is environmentally friendly.

E. Special fabrics: electroplated wire, TC jacquard, nylon jacquard, embroidery, silver fabric commonly used for taking pictures.

F. Yarn-dyed fabric.

Umbrella raw material processing method

1.umbrella fabric: dyeing, printing, glued

2.umbrella frame: electric, electric nickel, chrome plating, voltage

Umbrella cloth printing Methods

10 printing methods for umbrella cloth

1. Silkscreen printing

Screen printing is divided into manual printing and machine printing. Manual printing can only print one color at a time. If a logo has 3 colors, it needs to be printed 3 times. Machine printing is automated printing.

2. Offset printing

To print a contrasting color pattern, it is required to print the white printing base first

3. Hot stamping

Print the font or pattern on the attachment onto the fabric through high temperature

4. Sublimation printing

Used for printing abstract patterns, and can only be printed on white cloth, not for nylon cloth printing.

5. Roller printing

The same pattern on the front and back after printing. Advantages: suitable for mass production, and affordable. Weakness: The clarity is not good.

6. Dark flower printing

A. Printing transparent glue, or B. Black fabric processing black oil

7. Embossing

Embossing on the fabric directly after engraving

8. Burning flowers

After the board is heated, the fine burrs on the TC surface are suppressed

9. Special printing

A. Watermark printing: The effect is that a pattern appears in water (principle: first print the pattern and then print a layer of transparent color overlay). B. Discoloration printing: the pattern appears at high temperature (the principle is the same as above). C. Foam printing: the pattern foams after encountering high temperature, that is, it changes from flat to convex

10. Reflective printing

Add reflective strips or print reflective oil

Umbrella canopy additional decoration

1. Lace: lace edge, folds, hook dog buds, roasted gram (ie, seam, this kind of process is more expensive, generally used by cosmetic companies), hemming, hemming.

2. Hot rhinestones: hot rhinestones on the umbrella surface

Umbrella plastic parts processing

1. Handle: plastic, cloth wrapped plastic or leather wrapped plastic, leather wrapped aluminum tube, wood, rubber (mostly for golf umbrellas), transparent acrylic, EVA (mostly for golf umbrellas). Names of commonly used plastic materials: PP, ABS, 475. PP use: often used to produce smooth low-end handles. ABS use: commonly used for high-end products can be electroplated, electroplating is divided into vacuum electricity (easy to fade) and hydropower (not easy to fade, but high price) Identify two methods of electroplating: A. Vacuum electricity is the one that fades as soon as the surface is scratched. B. The entire fittings are electroplated from the inside to the outside, which looks like real metal parts, which are hydroelectric and vacuum electroplating fittings.

2. The basic process of plastic parts: bright surface, matte surface (ie dumb surface), spray rubber paint, water transfer printing (high-end umbrella practice). PS: only ABS material is suitable for spraying rubber paint and water transfer printing

3. Transparent acrylic: the color can be chosen, and the inner laser pattern can be used

4. Wood: can be burned, laser lettering, color and style can be changed

5. Special handles: such as cartoon handles, mainly made of PVC material and spray paint on the surface

Umbrella accessories and assembly

Hand strap, plastic or metal bead tail, umbrella strap (the buckle can be snapped-can be printed with guest logo, Velcro or other), cloth bag, cloth label (woven label or printed label), umbrella label, brand, umbrella Head, PP bag (with long pole umbrella), PE bag (environmental protection bag), OPP bag (brand bag), tag buckle (pin buckle, bead chain or other)

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