Rain Or Shine – Promotional Umbrellas at Work

Rain Or Shine - Promotional Umbrellas at Work

Umbrellas are a functional accessory that can be used in the sunshine and when raining. Against a gloomy and dark sky, a vivid canopy cannot help but be noticed. The bright colours and printing draw the attention of onlookers. In bright weather, an umbrella is a welcome retreat from the sun’s blazing rays. It draws the attention of others who wished that they had thought of bringing their own. It can also be used in sunny weather.

Employees appreciate receiving perks from senior management. In a time when budget constraints limit raises, it is important to show appreciation to the employees who help to run a profitable business. Whether given at a company function or as a reward for a project well done, these giveaways offer functionality and fashion. It also lets the employees know they are valued. An additional benefit of these freebies when used is that as the employee proceeds through his/her day, the giveaway is seen by many. A purchasing agent may be at lunch when that same employee is using the freebie. This same purchasing agent had been looking for a business to handle exactly what is promoted on the rain gear. This could lead to a sale which could establish an ongoing customer and lead to subsequent referrals.

Potential and existing clients also enjoy the gift of promotional umbrellas. The busy business executive is on the go from morning to evening. Having a giveaway that keeps him or her dry from the pouring rains is something to appreciate. As the businessperson puts away the item once inside, he or she remembers the salesman or business that afforded them shelter from the rain. The high visibility of these giveaways also can prompt a potential client into calling in that first order.

The best feature of a promotional umbrella is the large area in which to promote a business or a product. Most giveaways are limited in space so only minimal information can be printed. This is not the case with large canopy space. Printing can be made larger and more visible on the canvas. It can be placed on one side or the printing can wrap around. Since there is more space, additional information such as the company name, logo, phone number and website can be incorporated into the printing. The printing should be placed against a white background for the best visibility. Other parts of the item can show bright colours.

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