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All about Branded Promotional Umbrella

Very few pieces of promotional merchandise, corporate giveaways or branded clothing have the impact and longevity that you get with a branded umbrella. They not only get used regularly but will very often be kept as though a family heirloom!

As soon as the rain comes, you only have to look down a busy street to see a range of brand names coming towards you in different shapes, sizes and colours. So what are your options when choosing a branded promotional umbrella to promote your brand?

When it comes to choosing an umbrella, the first thing to decide upon is the size. Your first option is the full-size Golf Umbrella which can be used on the high street just as well as on the golf course, or alternatively, you could select a smaller telescopic umbrella which can be stored conveniently in a handbag or manbag.

Then it’s a decision of whether to keep it simple and lower cost with a standard frame or spend that bit extra to make the frame storm proof and give you the ability to an umbrella that blows inside out.

When choosing colours for your umbrella, of course, much will depend on your brand guidelines, but you will generally have a lot more flexibility with promotional Golf Umbrellas opposed to Telescopic.

Many Golf Umbrellas are made up to order in the UK, giving you the freedom to select each panel colour from a range of about 60 different stock colours; whereas the telescopic versions tend to be ready-made up and held in stock, in a smaller range of the more popular standard colours, such as alternate black and white panels.

If your lead time and quantity allow, you can always look to have your umbrellas produced to your exact specifications in the Far East, which gives the ultimate flexibility – as well as the cheapest prices. For example, if you choose to have Golf Umbrellas produced, you will have a choice in everything from the type of Spike (the pointy part at the top), to the Ferrule (part in between the spike and panels), to the panel colours and combination, right through to the Shaft, Frame and Handle colours and styles. With branded promotional umbrellas can be produced and delivered in 3-4 weeks, sometimes much less than that if necessary.

Whatever options you choose, you can rest assured that your logo will be seen and people will continue to use your umbrella

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