Promotional Umbrellas at the Races and on the Beach

promotional beach umbrellas
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Promotional Umbrellas at the Races and on the Beach

When you watch horse racing on the television have you noticed how the cameras are often high up and you are looking down on the track over the heads of the crowd? If it is raining, they have umbrellas. Mostly the umbrellas are plain colours and boring so no one pays attention to them. A huge marketing opportunity is being lost here.

Since most of the print area on an umbrella is on the top you can only see the advertising on it if it is laid down open. However in places like race tracks and other events where there is tiered seating no one could fail to notice something that is eye-catching on the top of an umbrella. If your company is involved in online gambling you could offer a promotional umbrella after a set number of bets have been placed or when someone registers on your site. Alternatively, you could negotiate with the race and dog tracks to give your umbrellas to anyone who attends. With so many racing events scheduled over each year, it is a great opportunity to display your branding in a big, bold way.

Providing people with promotional umbrellas in countries where it rains a lot, such as the UK, is a smart marketing move. They are necessary, they are used a lot and because the recipients haven’t had to go out and buy one they will always remember the company that gave it to them it.

You can have a lot of fun designing promotional umbrellas, printing various things in the different partitions and for those umbrellas that are used on the beach you can be assured that a lot of people will take notice of what you print on them. Beach umbrellas should be colourful to draw more attention to them. In the summer you could run a promotion whereby your staff hand out your umbrellas on the beaches. The beachgoers will be grateful for some shade and your staff will have a great day out.

Golf umbrellas are always welcomed by golfers and you can really build great promotions around them. If you are targeting this group of sportsmen there are a whole range of products specially designed for them including promotional golf balls, bags, pencils, pens, tees etc. The best way to gain the cooperation of a golf club secretary is to supply some practical and useful gifts for the club membership.

Umbrellas come in different sizes so logically if you want to make a big impact on choosing the larger ones makes sense. If you are selling products that are fashionable and elegant choose something that is stylish with subtle branding. Working with an umbrella is much more fun than smaller promotional items because there are so many design opportunities to make the item attractive no matter what you are selling.

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