Logo Imprinted Golf Umbrellas – Are They a Good Giveaway Item?

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Logo Imprinted Golf Umbrellas – Are They a Good Giveaway Item?

Some companies pick promotional items to give away at tradeshows like they pick new service providers: anything will do, just as long as it’s cheap. But in the age of cost cutting, there’s a principle that most companies have yet to realize: you can only cut so much before you start to look cheap, and when you start to look cheap, you start to look unattractive as a business partner.

Don’t believe me? Just sit in a well-appointed conference room and then sit in a lunchroom that doubles as a conference room. Which company would you feel more secure doing business with? Probably the latter, if for no other reason than it has the dignity to conduct business in a dignified setting, which says something about its character. The same principle applies to promotional items. If you choose the cheap, expect to be viewed as cheap, especially when the company in the next booth is giving away bottles of wine, or at least cool flashlights.

Choosing impressive giveaways is important to promoting sales among clients that aren’t approached using the traditional sales process, such as those that breeze by your booth and feign disinterest because they prefer to remain outside of the sales process. However, the first criterion for choosing giveaways is to limit your search to items that provide enough space for your key information; otherwise, the item won’t serve its purpose.

The Bigger the Better: Enter Logo Imprinted Golf Umbrellas

Logo imprinted golf umbrellas are one item that both impresses and offers enough space to list whatever you wish, although most companies use an umbrella’s expanded rain guard as a canvas for their logo, which makes sense, as most people don’t have the tenacity to read the top of promotional umbrellas at length.

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