Tips to Select Golf Umbrellas

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Many businesses, organizations, and benefits are constantly looking for good giveaway items to say thank you to customers or benefactors. Promotional umbrellas are always a popular item for these kinds of moments but selecting the right promotional umbrella is often not as easy as you might think.​

Here are some things to think about while you are browsing catalogues or doing online research.

1. How heavy do you want them to be? Promotional umbrellas come in a variety of weights so knowing the weight range you are interested in is helpful. You might want to consider lighter promotional umbrellas as they will be easier to transport and carry.

2. How easily do you want them to open and do you want the umbrella to open automatically? Again, this is a matter of knowing your customer and donor base. Automatic opening promotional umbrellas may cost a bit more but if the recipients of your promotional umbrellas are senior citizens the additional ease of opening may be a real value added feature.

3. How big do you want them to be? You will have a fairly wide range of sizes to choose from so, knowing whether you want to buy umbrellas that are small and storable under a car seat or can fit into a briefcase, purse or backpack is an important decision.

4. Decide if you want to select ones that are weatherproof and windproof. Both of these features seem reasonable as they mean the umbrella won’t rust and is less likely to turn inside out in a mild wind.

5. Are you interested in buying Teflon treated hoods? The Teflon repels water which helps the hood to dry faster.

6. What color(s) and design are you looking for? If you select more neutral colors and smaller size, the promotional umbrella will be more versatile and fit with more people’s style

7. What are you going to have printed on the promotional umbrellas? Umbrellas with a name and logo on them are a good way to market products and services as very time someone pops open the hood they are marketing you.

8. Is a storage pouch a must? Sometimes a case to store a promotional umbrella is a nice feature, but there are many people who do not use them even though they come with the product.

Right Tips to Select Promotional Golf Umbrellas

Umbrellas are considered as a staple item in the bags of most golfers. They help them in protecting the golfers against sunlight and other downpour on the course. So, why not present your colleagues and clients with these promotional golf items and create a solid impact on them?With these umbrellas, golfers can meet their specifically designed needs. Being sturdy and larger than average umbrellas, Golf Umbrellas are a popular choice on and off the golf course.

Let us talk about a few tips on selecting the most apt umbrellas for the purpose of presenting them as corporate gifts.

Opt for an umbrella that is 60 inches in diameter in order to provide the maximum coverage. While you are walking on the course with your golf clubs, it is necessary to keep the rain off both you and your clubs. Therefore, an umbrella is a saviour in order to protect your clubs and other golf accessories from rain and other objects.

You must purchase an umbrella that has been wind tested. Some of the best umbrellas for golfers are wind proof against wind speeds up to 55 mph. You must look for double-layered canopy designed umbrellas in order to protect yourself from wind.

An umbrella with a plastic stake on the top is always considered better. This is because it allows you to secure it to the ground while making a shot. If you will not secure it to the ground, your umbrella will blow away when you will put it down.

You must opt for umbrellas having a fibreglass shaft. The fibreglass shafts are lighter in weight and more flexible than the metal shafts, which pose less of a lighting hazard.

It is necessary to test the comfort your umbrella’s handle before buying it. There are numerous types of umbrella handles, but you should always opt for the one that is easy and comfortable to hold and can be controlled without any hassle in windy conditions.

Most umbrellas used during golf have straight handles in spite of hooked handles. Besides this, foam-covered handles too are often the most ergonomic.

Colour, Design and Shape Factor

It is important to select the right colour, design as well as shape of the umbrella before presenting it to your clients. For instance, if you are presenting an umbrella to a lady client, gifting her one in pink colour or stylish designs is a better option. Whereas, if you wish to present an umbrella to a guy, he will prefer a light and sophisticated coloured umbrella.

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