Promotional Umbrellas in Art

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Promotional Umbrellas in Art

The impressionists brought umbrellas into art but they missed a trick. It would appear they were unaware of the power of promotional umbrellas. Just think how Renoir’s pictures featuring them would look if he had painted personalized umbrellas instead. It might not have been art but they would certainly have got noticed.

Promotional umbrellas will be seen. Van Gogh shows us that they can be important even indoors. He painted Madame Ginoux sitting at a table with a closed umbrella on it yet it is still in the title. Had it been a printed umbrella, everyone would have looked at it.

Impressionist art shows us that promotional umbrellas are welcome everywhere. Renoir painting of the same name suggests to us that young women were entranced by Japanese umbrellas. Imagine if it was your logo and company name on a massive personalized umbrella in the riverbank scene.

These pictures show how promotional umbrellas can dominate a scene. Their sheer size makes it impossible to miss them. It could be your printed umbrellas in such situations, all giving out the message that you want to transmit.

For a missed opportunity for printed umbrellas, there is the American Prendergast’s picture of crowds crossing a bridge. There are dozens of brightly colored umbrellas shown. In fact, they are the main feature. Had they been printed umbrellas and in real life, would you not wish to have your logo on them?

Women mainly feature in paintings, giving away opportunities for promotional umbrellas. There is Manet’s series of young women taking walks with open umbrellas. He realized their eye-catching potential but missed how effective personalized umbrellas could have been.

It is not only women who can display your promotional umbrellas. Caillebotte shows us this in his Rainy Day in Paris where men predominate. He also shows that when the weather is a bit dull printed umbrellas can be a very effective medium for advertising.

One opportunity these impressionists did not miss was how promotional umbrellas will be used during a day at the races. Both Manet and Dega realized this and demonstrate how a printed umbrella will be noticed even in crowds. Had they shown us personalized umbrellas then it would have been even more dramatic.

Just in case you might have missed it, the promotional umbrella can be used in play as well. There are a number of glorious impressionist pictures of beach scenes and days in the garden where, had printed umbrellas been featured, ones with your logo and corporate message, it would have leaped from the canvass.

These paintings show that promotional umbrellas will be noticed in any situation. Not only that, a promotional umbrella can dominate the scene. These artists used such props because they were so noticeable. It could be your personalized umbrellas in the picture, silently but forcefully overwhelming everyone.

Promotional umbrellas have what is called a good press. The most famous impressionist painters saw their effectiveness and used them in some of their most evocative pictures. Take Predergast’s Umbrellas in the Rain. It shows just how printed umbrellas, with your logo on, could dominate even wet days.

Many such painters took the challenge of poor weather. Caillebotte’s Rainy Day in Paris has the main two characters framed by their umbrella. This would be perfect for a promotional umbrella. Despite the dull day, a well placed personalized umbrella would transform the picture.

If you consider Renoir’s series of pictures of a woman with a parasol and replace it with a promotional umbrella you can see how effective such placement could be, although we have to accept the paintings would lose some of their value, although only to collectors. To someone wanting to promote a product, the inclusion of printed umbrellas would border on genius.

These pictures show what promotional umbrellas are capable of. In the right place and with the right person carrying it, a personalized umbrella can take over the whole scene.

Potthast recognized the way a promotional umbrella could be the focus. His Beach Umbrella has the titular object as the prime feature of the picture. Imagine your logo and your company name on that beach. You cannot help but wonder what he might have done if he had considered product placement.

Promotional umbrellas can be a vital part of the scene even if closed. Van Gogh showed this with his Woman with Umbrella and Gloves. But size does matter. A personalized umbrella fully open would have provided masses of advertising space.

It could not have been long after their invention that promotional umbrellas came to the fore. They demonstrated rank and presence in the same way they can today. Printed umbrellas nowadays can show corpocracy as well and become a cheap and effective way of promoting a product or company.

Dega and Manet both reveal a way to use promotional umbrellas. Such events as horse racing are just as common nowadays. Outdoor events are perfect for personalized umbrellas. Their ability to take over an area is unequaled.

You have the added advantage of this country’s weather, just about custom made for promotional umbrellas. Come rain or shine someone will need to open their printed umbrella to keep the rain or sun from them. Too hot or too wet is perfect weather for anyone wanting to promote a product in the biggest way possible.

So when it comes to making an impression with your promotional umbrellas, who better to follow than the impressionists. If they had wanted to try a little product placement then they would have used personalized umbrellas. You should not miss the trick they did.

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