4 Benefits of Promotional Umbrellas

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4 Benefits of Promotional Umbrellas

Many companies are starting to use the umbrella as a marketing product. They are relatively inexpensive, easily branded, and a practical item that continues to be used throughout the rainy season. Here are a few of the major benefits of using promotional umbrellas

1.Large print area

Whether it is the mini or golf umbrella, there is plenty of space to add a company’s name, logo, or marketing message. The design options are wide-ranging with the choice to use a single panel for printing a logo or create the vibrant artwork that takes up the full top surface. However, there is often a fine line with the design process. A company wants to avoid being too garish or overusing vibrant colors because this will put a lot of people off using the umbrella. A simple design is often the most effective to bring in the most regular users. Plus, there is also the option to print a logo on the handle or protective case for the more discrete branding.

2.Great ROI

Umbrellas are an attractive option as a marketing product because they have a practical use and likely to see regular use in any region that typically gets a lot of rain. This repeated use means a branded message is often on display and potentially seen by many thousands of passing people in its lifetime. Also, there are several types of umbrellas to match the budget. A small budget is enough to get started with the mini umbrellas while a larger budget is needed for the more expensive golf umbrellas.

3.Huge exposure

Large and over-sized umbrellas are a practical gift idea for corporate events and sporting events because they have very large audiences to ensure a company name or logo is by many people. Also, everyday umbrellas will be seen by hundreds of people who are commuting to work or simply walking through a busy town center.


The high-quality umbrellas that are built to last in stormy weather have the ability to continue working even if blown inside out. Any decent umbrella with fiberglass ribs will let the canopy revert back to its original position without breaking. Also, the strong and reliable build will give a positive and lasting impression of a company. It usually worth investing a little extra in the decent quality umbrellas for marketing purposes because they will be strong enough to stand the test of time and have the potential to last for years.

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