Promotional Umbrellas – Great Advertising at Sporting Events

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Promotional Umbrellas - Great Advertising at Sporting Events

Sporting events especially championship matches are guaranteed crowd pullers. Athletes, parents, sports reporters, vendors and enthusiastic spectators eagerly flock to the game. They will not let inclement weather or the scorching heat of the sun stop them from enjoying the match. They would come prepared with their umbrella.

Advertising is a must for every company that wants to reinforce its brand name. Companies almost always have an ongoing advertising campaign to make their products more popular. Aside from the traditional forms of advertising using the media, companies use further marketing tools to reach out to the target audience. One of the most effective and economical marketing tools is the use of promotional products.

These can be pens, keyrings, mugs, mouse mats, notebooks, clocks, desktop ornaments or any other product that can be used to advertise the company. It would be more advantageous if the chosen items could be used every day showing off the imprinted logo and serving as a memory prompt. Every time the product is used, the logo will be seen therefore brand awareness is created. One of the proven most effective products to achieve this is the umbrella.

These are taken almost anywhere. They can be given to convention or conference participants who will then take them home. Your company logo could, therefore, be seen all over the world.

These useful products can be taken anywhere – to the beach, out shopping, to school and to work. People who see the logo displayed on the colorful canopy could be potential customers if they are not right now.

They are, of course, also taken to sports events – they can be seen at golf and tennis tournaments, at cricket matches, football games and athletic competitions as well as other outdoor events. Sports fans won’t let heavy rains or scorching sun deter them from watching the game – they will come prepared. Advertising for the company will be achieved once the company logo is seen by the crowd.

The company, however, will hit the jackpot if the event is televised. When the cameras pan across the crowd and focus on the promotional umbrella – Wow! The imprinted company logo will be seen by thousands and possibly millions of television viewers. Imagine TV advertising cost the company has saved! If this happens then the company could achieve a nationwide advertising coup.

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