Choosing the Right Design for Promotional Umbrellas

Choosing the Right Design for Promotional Umbrellas

With the sheer number of promotional umbrellas available on the mass market today, how do you choose the right kind design to show off your brand?

You want to make a good impression on people, and you want to make the promotional umbrellas useful of course. The following types have been categorized based on their relative size and the material used. The choices are endless.

1. Storm-proof – What are storm-proof designs? Storm-proof have been manufactured without any kind of metal. Since lightning is attracted to different kinds of metal, manufacturers fabricate certain designs with fiberglass. Fiberglass is as tough as metal. If used correctly, stems and points will not attract lightning. Since many designs are used for golf people will not have to worry about being electrocuted while playing around or watching a match out on the course.

2. Wind-proof – wind-proof are especially enforced so that they do not simply bend and break. These designs are often wider and have heavier frames installed. Being wind-resistant, these are great business gifts to offices.

3. Classic designs- classics are lightweight and are smaller than most golf designs. Many classics use wood for the handle and the stem. If your company lacks the budget then you choose a classic instead of a large golf design.

4. Light golf – take note that most golf umbrellas are large and heavy. These usually cost more money but the lighter design is usually a bit cheaper. These are perfect as consumer giveaways.

5. Classic & automatic – if you lack the budget and you like an automatic design then there are lots of choices to be had. Classic wood stick varieties that automatically open are perfect for your business campaign. They are light, inexpensive and durable. Who says you have to spend a lot of cash to be stylish?

6. Reinforced golf – these are the juggernauts of the umbrella world. This variety resists high winds, snow, storms and just about anything that comes in between. If you want maximum durability then choose this variety to give away you’re your customers as they could last for years.

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